A Letter to Myself

Dear me, one day you’ll wake
Up and see what everyone was
Telling you were lies, the sun
Doesn’t rise every morning and
Some days are dark, there will be
No picnics in the park and the future

Is only ever as bright as the moon,
Solutions aren’t coming soon, put
Your faith in that so you’re not being
Treated like a doormat, the one who’s
Always around because you’re tied
Down by disease, there is no reprieve

And the war is strong, they are foolish
In saying it will soon be gone and your
Wishes of adventures in time to come
Are running away until you are done
Chasing them, red faced and out of
Breath, patiently waiting for veterans

To come and save you, they never do,
And you’re alone again in the sandstorm,
Demanding why you were ever born
And there is no answer, so run faster
In the face of the waves of pain,
Frantically pushing grain after grain

From your eyes, you are blind to
So many things, don’t listen when
They bring options to your feet,
They are only make believe and
Cut deeper than knives ever could,
What you should do is deny that

There will ever be a star in the sky
Again and maybe then, faced with
The emptiness of reality you can
Begin to breathe some life back
Into twisted bones and sell your
Soul from some peace of mind,

And, please, when they tell you
That now is your time, don’t fall
In line with hopeful strangers,
You’ll soon be forgotten in the
Wake of the mangers and trees,
Admit to yourself you will never

Be free and make a list, a small
Scrap, of achievable things and
Forget about spreading your wings
They were only ever ghosts on your
Shoulders, and you cannot lift these
Boulders in front of you, in fact, there
Is absolutely nothing you can do, and
No one you can be, trust that and

Believe in me, sincerely, You.


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