The Saddenened Chronicle: Shell

These fears settle in my chest20151207_165649 (2)
Interweaving with each other
Smashing heart into rib-cage
Stepping over active forms

Turning in restlessness desperation
Trying to break free, crawling from
The inside, this skin, the cage of my
Soul, strains of purple and black

Overlapping, sliding off smooth backs
Slipping in rivers of red, deep set eyes
Glowing in the shadowed vessel,
Tearing ligaments and tendons

Snapping sanity and bones, scratching
The surface of a well of drowning
Emotions, sinking to the unthinkable
Depths, splashing in poisoned lakes

Toxins do not slow the battle for freedom,
Anchored in this hollowed shell, bells
Of warning sounding, shrieking monsters
Demand their liberation, keening for

Sovereignty, tackling layers of impossible
Feats, side-tracking hurdles and bursting
Doors, breaking hinges and smashing windows,
Coloured glass reflecting lights of a thousand

Candles, depicting a scene of my own demise
By the claws of beasts, fostering hatred,
Raising anxious spawn in the heat of this
Blood pumping, flowing anti-clockwise

Through these veins, arteries exploding
Like fireworks, these sparkles fizz and
Fade, trapped in the jaws of these fiends,
These scars on my body the result of

Internal struggle continued through the
Ages, continued still, until the day they
Break out and cripple this hull, leaving
The remnants of self far behind


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