The Saddened Chronicle: The Uphill Descent

Wrought iron anklets wrap20151207_165649 (2)
Me in a weighted embrace,
Struggling I brace myself for
This uphill climb, my comrades

Already miles ahead, skin glistening
Under a porous sun, I am the only
One in the troupe who cannot
Brave these sandstorms, gales

Slamming doors behind me, as
I reach with eager hands, grazing
Fingertips on the wooden frame,
Blame nestles itself on my shoulder

Dragging me even further down,
Crowds of doubt shaped fiends
Wrestle me to the ground, my
Battalion don’t hear a sound over

The infectious flow of laughter up
Ahead, I feel dead, my lungs made
Of metal and nails in my head,
Obstructing thoughts, I could have

Brought myself to the finishing line
If I’d put happiness on a platter and
Served it up fresh, but I already had
Too many holes in this flesh, I am

Cold, growing ever more pale by
The hour, these sacrifices mount to
Towers in my path, hands scarred
And body stiff the realisation hits,

I am not designed for this arduous
Task, my mask melting from my
Face revealing truth and pain,
I would trade anything to be

Lifted from this poisonous vat
And resurface from this rat
Infested sewer, to join the
Group as they travel on, to

Simply love this existence but
My heart is heavy and long
Gone down the track, for now
I lie on my back counting endless

Stars, hope light dwindling as
Passing cars leave me to this
Death, shuddering I release

My last breath and put an
End to this shattered pretense
Of a life, solely characterized
By loss and strife.


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