The Saddened Chronicle: Story

I bleed onto these blank pages20151207_165649 (2)
Depicting grotesque imagery of
My battle scars, obtained in the
Fight for my life, armed with kitchen

Knives and childproof shield, throwing
Grenades in the form of 25 mgs halved
I’ll never get those moments back, the
Ones lost in the frost tipped touched of

The past, trapped in mesh cinematic
Rolls far beyond my reach, a pastor
Preaching to the masses about God,
No father of mine, blind faith only

Leads to accidents, repent and repeat,
My feet are numb from the journey
Traveled, seams unraveled behind me
Weaving a map for those who will

Suffer less and I despise the experiment
I provide, saving others lives and never
My own, the eternal curse laid on me
At birth, my destiny is written in

Shooting stars racing wildly across the
Sky, never asking why this is happening
To me, my cradle was abandoned at sea
While the sharks swam circles eagerly

Awaiting the capsize, I grew in size but
Not in strength and the boulder caused
Me to shrink, stumpy legs it became
Impossible to keep up and my conversations

Drip down the length of this sheet, remnants
Of lonely heartbeat trapped in the sheer
Bulk of this book, this story of mine,
Flowed from arteries gushing and black
And once the prophecy’s out there’s no
Going back.


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