The Saddened Chronicle: Home

The children run ramped20151207_165649 (2)
Around this house, bare
Footed, their father shouts
For shoes, caught up in mid

Morning blues, I hand him his
Cup of tea, he kisses my cheek
And I grin in response, he
Ensconces himself in the

Sitting room, the drive to
School is coming soon, cereal
And hugs for everyone, my
Daughter, the dog, my lovely

Sons, race towards driveway
Faces cracked with smiles,
All of life’s struggles seem
Worthwhile, the drive erupting

In arguments, I turn to my husband
To vent about work, falling into
Habits and quirks he finds endearing,
We are nearing the drop off point,

With a rustle of joints they are
Off, hungry for learning, pigs
To troughs we used to say, while
Sorting through our bills to pay,

We mutter goodbyes and I love
You’s, see you soon, and separate
At the office gate, co-workers
Tutting as I arrive late, settling in

For nine to five, reliving highlights
All the while, pure snow white
Wedding dress, a glowing stream of
Compliments, dancing until there

Was no one left except us, trust
Carried like an injured bird, nursed
And let fly like sharp words, always
Mended by an apology, a little later

Necessary plans are made, old wall
Colours fade and nurseries are built
Softly woven quilts for each crib, iron
Bars, safety ribs, breaking news and

Congratulations, the wait until I was
Hospital patient, the pain and joy,
Unisex toys littered the floors, I
Couldn’t ask for any more, as I flatten

Sheets and reams of stories, written
As an inventory of moments I can
Never have, I would simply be happy
With half of which I will never know,

I close the box
and just

let it all go.


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