The Saddened Chronicle: H A P P Y

There is a H A P P Y smeared across20151207_165649 (2)
Your face, glued on with tape and
You dare not touch it with trembling
Hands, it’s the only mask you’ve ever

Known you can ask for, you’ve never
Been introduced to the ideals of
Weakness, never known broken bones
And sleepless nights are not alright,

And holding tightly onto problems
Will only make them grow, you don’t
Know what the words on your lips
Mean, only seeing L O V E spelled on

The television screen in the dark hours
Of dusk, this house is covered in rust
And deep seeded regret, your mother
Projecting things she never had and

Scoping your soul for imperfections
So she can ensure to mention them
Over the silence of last suppers and
And covers that are covered in mites

You light fires to chase darkness away
But the shadows have a way of preying
On your form, your skin the colour of
Purple, the more you argue, the more

Colour is spilled, the only smile you’ve
Seen are ones killed in liquor and blues
Or drawn clumsily, faces on the news,
Your best friend spews stories of tragedy

Wondering if you disappeared, what
Would happen to family, and reality,
Sinks in when they bring your father
Home after months away, and your

Mother doesn’t want to stay where
He is anymore and you’re nestled under
Doorways while the rain cascades down
Trapped under arches, endless frowns

Everywhere you look and a stranger
Books you into a crowded shelter,
You lose your belt at the reception
And you don’t understand why there

Are little children playing with toys,
And crying to their parents and feeling
The joy of being embraced, you want
To race from the room when that lady

Asks if you are ok, never hearing that
Question before today, not knowing
What response won’t dub you with
Blame, resting on mattresses near

The clinically insane and a clean sheet,
Freshly breathing over your shoulders,
Moulding to your wispy scarecrow bones,
Just basking in the moment of not
Being so alone


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