The Saddened Chronicle: Emotions

Hope came knocking at my20151207_165649 (2)
Door at 2 am with a cup of
Gin and tonic to cure me of
My woes, sat me at beds edge

And we talked like mad
Philosophers until the early
Hours of the daylight, the sun
Our alarm, I counted hours on

My hand and memorized conversations
For a later date, minutes of the meeting
Fate organized from Head Office,
Organizing bar charts for Happiness

And climbing graphs for Joy, they’ve
Learned to avoid my dragging face
And shuffled feet, never dealt well
With the suggestions of Defeat,

And the ritual continues night after
Dreary night, till the cupboards are
Emptied and Fright buzzes in, berating
Lack of intelligence, and issued final

Warnings, mornings changed after that
And nights morphed into a game of wait
No more debates bouncing off these silent
Walls, resignation in hand and storm clouds

Resting on my crown, I blitzed down lengthy
Corridor and present my signature
With finesse, the final test failed, Hope
Urges me to prevail but in true character

I simply don’t care, take off the name tag
And crumple the evidence of identity
It happens regardless when they
Are around me, questions like pesky flies

Knocking inside my brain, Doubt joins the
Chaos and driving is Insane, at dusk’s
Lonely hour we arrive at the fun fair,
Irony at its best, call me Despair.


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