The Saddened Chroncile:Soldiers Love

My reflection is not what it was20151207_165649 (2)
Age lines and battle scars ridge
My face, the brace before war
Has torn me apart and the pieces
I collected don’t fit together anymore

The subject is sore, skirted eyes and
Fearful tones, ignoring letting go of
Who you knew, you hide the truth
Behind layers of denial neatly wrapped
In that beautiful smile, conversation

Doesn’t flow easily, all down to the
Version of me that returned to your
Arms, I am brittle, barbed wire embrace,
Soft hugs replaced by the bitterness of
Reality, yet still you cling hopefully, the

Jigsaw pieces that were lost has caused
Frost to fragment across my heart, I don’t
Know how to start peeling your love from
My bones when I’ve already let yours go,
Shedding my skin for necessity, I know,

You will never forgive me for this, I resist
Drawing the line, giving you time to see
How everything has changed, there is no
One to blame but myself, you put caution
On a shelf and it hazes the glass, antagonizing

Me to ask how much longer this can go on,
These con’s out ways the pro’s and this new
Low was reached through terrors beyond
Candle lit dinners and confessions of love,
Tough luck rains like old penny’s, clattering

To the floor, I stand by the door waiting for
Your air of surprise, I can’t take the lies, this
Is not a disguise, this is who I am, the mirror
Image of all the violence, filled to the brim,
I cannot forgive you for dragging the corpse

Of our life, prolonging the pain and I stick
The knife in your back, wounded you still
Try to retract my explanations, hold me
Close and drown out the vibrations of bullets
In my head, I put me to rest on the plane

Ride home, left alone on the battlefield, reeling
In panic and fear, and you, my dear, will never
Understand, I withdraw my hand and step
Out under street light, you persevere, fight
Reasons with belief and feelings, try to stop

Me from leaving until I take the chain from
Around throat, throw it away and like a boat
Out of water you still, shocked, but to me, this
Is just a drill, designed to save the only life I
Know how to save, this is how I repay their

Loss, and suitcase in hand I walk and don’t stop
Until I am sure the radius of us has expired,
I sit on street corner, overwhelmed and tired
Read the tattoos of names sketched on my soul
Now blackened and burned, singeing like coal


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