The Saddened Chroncile: Reflection

I look in the mirror and see a 20151207_165649 (2)
Stranger staring back at me
I don’t recognise these wide
Eyes, quiet lips and trampled
Pride, pale complexion and
Deathly glow, I do not know

This version of my Self, mouth
Dry from screaming for help,
Three times the charm for some
But waiting for it I’ve become
Ghoulish and otherworldly,
Beauty hurled at the tiles behind

My silhouette, scraps of paper
Bets on how long the stitches
Last, I long to ask how this
Happened, find the memories
And tap them open with a hammer,
But my reflection appears calmer

Then I have ever been, broken
Fingers for everything we wanted,
Eyes so deeply haunted, mind full
Of secrets yet she wants to keep
Them inside, away from mine,
Shoulders are dropped forwards,

Blurred outlines of a person still
Remains, head twitches, thoroughly
Insane, driven away from sanity
A long time ago, more secrets she
Holds close to her chest, in her I
Have died, she expelled my vapor

And survived the dangerous split,
Steel glass separates us, covered over
By rusted gates, beyond those iron
Bars are dreams jarred in place, I
Cannot taste hope on this tongue
Photographs run the length of the

Room, funerals and dreams doom
Are shown, the future slumped, skin
And bone against a hopeless coffin,
A prophet, she smashes crystal vases
In her broken hands, lazy pupils dilate,
It was too late, the whispers spell, to

Save this realm of reality, it’s safe with
Me, the truth blinding is revealed, the
Life I knew sealed behind this grill like
Structure, this juncture of understanding,
Unfeeling and bland, my second form, stands,
Still amongst the chaos surrounding her,

Images blur as I learn her fate, hands wrap
This grate and flakes slit my skin, a tin man
Now, without a beating heart, I, she, we, start
As arms slowly creep across her torso and draw
Me back into the most terrifying vision I have ever
Seen, no one hears the banshee screams, realization
Slams down and I fall to my knees, reliving nightmares
In my prayers, but not a single soul cares anymore.


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