The Happiness Chronicle: Table Talks

Under the silence of the moon20151207_170112 (3)
Words shuffle towards us,
Reminiscing, too soon,
Of memories that must be

Touched upon, it’s been too
Long, since we sat together
And filled the quiet with cackle
And breath, spilling truths until

There is nothing left and we
Gently rock back into the space
Separating us from the faith
We once carried that each one

Of us would one day be married
And joyful, reality is much more
Daunting and severe and now
Meetings are scheduled a few

Times a year to ensure heritage
Is not lost in the waves of reality
Battering our hope and dreams
We offer planks and advice and

Relive the vice of anothers pain
And ensure they will not relive
Past mistakes, we are shaped
Differently now, some at ships

Bow and others on the dock,
Waving white flags as the boat
Sets off into the battering sea
Losing sight and fundamentally

Realising such is life, and too
Soon we separate in the night
Until a later date we have
Decided to come together
To man the boat, no matter
The weather.


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