The Happiness Chronicle: Little Flame

Through the harshness of the20151207_170112 (3)
World, tapping at the windows,
Cold hands and empty
conscience, There lies a light,

Smothered by the darkness,
I hold it in my hands, nestled
In my palms, casting rays
Over life lines and veins

Fireflies and warmth I
Keep it in the safety of
This home, built on the
Foundations of strength

Letting it burn through the
Borders of contempt and
Sweep destruction in its fiery
Embrace, moulding it into

Sheer diamonds, glittering
Crystals, reflecting fire in
The smoothed glass,
A soft shimmer in the

Scale of sentiment yet
Powerful and enraged
It exudes a quiet control
Calmness and serenity

This little friendly flame
Breathing in oxygen and
Releasing it in an effervescent
Glow, chasing shadows

From mantel piece, peace
Surrounding its vivacious
Embers, flickering like eyes
The sunrise of the night.


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