The Happiness Chronicle: Liquid Life

You took my glass and poured20151207_170112 (3)
Water from the jug into the
Emptiness I felt inside until
Waves replaced the darkness

That hides in my bones, I don’t
Know how you noticed the
Shadows in the darkest recesses
Of my mind but between us there

Is time when lights are glowing dimly,
Dancing in your eyes and I am mesmerized
By the ease you take my hand and allow
The music to overcome situation and

For a few minutes we are simply existing
Feeling the beat of the bass in my blood
And drowning in giddiness, such love,
Brimming from interlinked fingers and

Soft kisses, I wish this moment can last
Forever and whatever weather there
Will always be sunshine radiating from
Your smile, my identity, once filed away

Slowly trickles back in place and I am
Filled with wonder and fear that this a
Test of my faith and I realise you have
Suffered the same fate, once lost, now

Found, we share sounds of sadness over
Past memories, tearing apart the past
To pave way for the future, irrevocably
Joined, two sides of the same coin I

Keep promises close to heart, the art
Of protection learned a long time ago,
Your promises are at tongue tip and I
Don’t know if I go the places you have

Been, my journey is only starting to
Begin and nestled on your lips is a
Promise to wait, it’s not bait for a
Snap decision, it’s an offer to keep
On filling that glass every time
It runs dry.


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