The Happiness Chronicle: Letting Go

The future wears insecurity and 20151207_170112 (3)
Fear, fooling many it’s nearer than
It ever was before, headaches and
Sore hearts symptoms of the ailment,

Time came and went and some were
Battered by the storm, while others,
In rare form, climbed mountains and
Jumped needless hurdles, while

Listening to blood curdling cries of
Those who fell, one never feels well
Dissecting unpredicted events, they
Slid down vents and turn to quartz

From the pressure, a simple measure
Of their strength, the future is a
Wavelength, at its best, wildly unknown,
In it we see aged bones and phone calls

To loved ones, asking them meaningless
Questions while the clock runs dangerously
Fast, it wears a mask of unpredictability,
Making it harder to believe the grass grows

Greener still, that there won’t be voids to
Fill, that as we age the future takes many
Things away, that does not infer pain, and
The bane of existence is glimpsing too far

Ahead, reeking with anxiety every night
Before bed, reeling in thoughts of what
Might be, blinded by sleeping aids and
Feeling freedom slipping from sugar

Coated lies, its surprise in its finest,
The very code of its genes, undefinable
In what this means, the codes forever
Changing and we rearrange it all, to

Suit ourselves when the final brawl
Comes around, will you be proud of

Moments lost when you realise what
The preparation cost? Take off the
Stethoscope and abandon this way,

Let it be,
let it grow,
in the hands
of fate.


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