The Happiness Chronicle: Free

Scuttling shoes on these new20151207_170112 (3)
Pavements of independence
He carries a briefcase full of
Ideas by his side, swinging and

Rattling with the enthusiasm of
A hundred dreams, they told him
He’d never reach the corner, now
He’s six cities deep in self-discovery

And achieving realities others told
Him had died, it’s no surprise they
Tried to weigh him down with self
Doubts that don’t exist otherwise,

His parents and siblings all surmised
Under one category of ‘I don’t think
You can do it’ now they’re rocking
On armchairs, he’s rocketing to the

Moon, too soon, words he’s heard
Before and chosen to ignore because
Destiny has this fine finesse of coming
Back together again even after its been

Torn to shreds, his only regrets in life
Are making mountains out of molehills
And killing inspiration when it reared
Its beautiful head, his bed is made from

Cotton and gives warm hugs, an embrace
He’s unfamiliar with growing old in cold
Houses, when he left his footsteps got
A little more personality and the possibilities

Became an endless road not yet traveled,
He’s on day 1095, singing his favourite
Song, feeling the pride of this moment
Deep in his soul, and he knows that he’s
Reached it, his lifetime goal of happiness.


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