The Happiness Chronicle: Fireside

Smoke is filling the air and20151207_170112 (3)
The only danger is sleep,
The moments in between
Where I cannot see your face,

And hear your whispers of
Events of the day, I love the
Way you tell stories and
Absentmindedly scrunch

Your face when reminded
Of your place in this world
Somewhere between God
And man, I am a fan of your

Tirades, and pretend to
Join in but I don’t mind as
Long as between God and
Man is by my side, the fire

Is illuminating the dark and
Our limbs are entangled
When the dog begins to bark
Outside, over rock, paper,

Scissors we decide who’s
Turn it is to leave this nest
Of warmth and punish the
Other with cold toes, I know

There will be mischief on
Your face as you rush back
To take your place amongst
The blankets, and cuddle

Up to me with your icy
Form, I adore these moments
In the calmness of the our
Home, together, forever
And never alone.


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