The Happiness Chronicle: Cross your Heart

My hearts missing beats and 20151207_170112 (3)
All over these streets, secrets
Are nipping my heels, gritting my
Teeth trying not to reveal the

Giddiness of infectious smiles
Every moment with you
I’m dashing from trials dodging
Arrows and Starbursts, these

Rotten curses, rhyming off verses
Of each others quirks, getting
Worked up when lines are smudged
Ribbons of fun tie us in knots, I

Never forgot the first glimpse of
Your face, broken in laughter and
Together we raced to the finishing
Line, tumbling to victory, never on

Time with each others wave lengths,
I loaned you my better strengths
Without comprehending any consequence
We poured stories of darkness and dove

Into the past, never shying from questions
Each other asked, sunset and moon rose,
Standing on tippy toes, threatening to
Chop off height in presence of my wounded

Pride, admiration for the things we survived,
Unweaving lies and facing stone cold truth
Hours spent up on the roof watching the
Stars, sharing milkeyways and chocolate bars

Soft punches following red cars, and soon
We made a pact, ignoring societies expectations
To act like children because my life was never
Filled with so much happiness, we solemnly

Swore never to ruin this, and much later you
Stood at aisle end, clutching wedding
Rings, my friend, and as you swore that love
Never ends, you gave back the strength that I

Lent and everything changed shape and bent
In the weight of separate direction, still we meet
On that same roof and vent, every few years and
Pretend that nothing is different, but knowing you

Has made it so and I fell in love with watching us grow.


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