The Happiness Chronicle: Childhood

Tire Swings made of haribo rings20151207_170112 (3)
Grass stains and aeroplanes
Dress up box, playing cops and
bamboo staffs, still I laugh at

memories of better times, singing
off nursery rhymes, at our prime,
rough and tumble, school uniforms
and fumbling with capes, never too

late to join the dots, knocking over
flower pots, hide and seek, we would
reek of mud and clay, hours of play
among the weeds, imagination we

would feed with lego blocks and
misshapen rocks, investigators and
alligators, snakes and ladders,
salamanders crawling from the pages,

stories written for all ages, chocolate
muffins we all baked, ice cream and
Christmas cakes, roasting marshmallows
By the fire, building ritual pyres, climbing

Frames and pushing blame around, secret
Treasures that we found, planting flowers,
Jenga towers, sleepovers and wrestling,
Tickle wars and song’s we’d sing, road

Trips and hotel rooms, chasing away
Holiday blues, play dough and oz balls,
Measuring just how tall we’d grown,
Together we built second homes.


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