The Faith Chronicle: The Errend

I walk wastelands in my sleepangel (2)
Waiting for someone to find me
Among the discarded corpses of
The herd, undeserving of their fate,

Their past ate away at them, tearing
Flesh and making toothpicks from
Their bones, alone, I whisper hoarsely
For the horsemen to come and rescue

Me, in tattered robes of upholstery I
Found passing through nameless towns
The sounds of eagles overhead remind
Me I’m being stalked by death, it has not

Yet shown its face but I brandish knives
and hold my breath whenever shadows
reveal themselves, I weave spells of time
around my wrists in a pointless effort to

cling to existence, it’s only been thirty-nine
days, this haze was only supposed to last
seven at the most, I devote seconds and
hours to reciting the names of those who

are lost, the many soldiers accosted in
this war of creation, the way stations don’t
function as they used to, I brace myself
against the sand storms, seeking shelter

behind land forms of hills and mountains,
the fountains have all run dry, skeletal I still
survive, barely passable as Grace anymore,
my joints ache, my limbs are sore, I carry

the vessel of light in my core, the safest
hiding spot, even as my heart rots, the
dull beating like a ticking time bomb,
convincing myself it won’t be long before

church bells ring and I can finally bring
our faith home, if only I had known on
the seventh day He rested, and all of this
was simply a test run of humanity, and

we were too naive to expect this of him,
and hidden in the wastelands lie his greatest
sins, forgotten and lost in the senseless din of
his praise, and by the fortieth day, I lost my

way, pleading and praying to his untrustworthy
brother, the earth opened up and sent me to
another prison, one where business was taking
apart his creations, livid, I complied, seeking
vengeance for all of His lies.


4 thoughts on “The Faith Chronicle: The Errend

  1. Why why why are you not getting any traffic?
    What are you tagging your poems?
    At the moment they are going to waste.
    They are far to good not to be read.
    You need to get them out there.
    If you need any help, ask me.

    Alan. 😎

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Alan! I had a look and I honestly don’t know what happened to my tags but thanks for drawing attention to it! I’ll have them fixed asap and hopefully things will pick up soon! Thanks so so much! I would’ve never have noticed myself! I’ll definitely ask if I need help! You’re too kind! 🙂 Leanne

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I have been tagging them but I think I must not have been doing it correctly, I don’t think I was saving properly once I had the tags done as I was going back after publishing and editing to put them in, A really foolish mistake on my part but a lesson learned I guess, thanks so much for noticing 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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