The Faith Chronicle: Of Heaven and Hell

She borne of heaven andangel (2)
He spawned of hell, wove
Indifference to create a
Golden ladder, it crossed

The threshold of wars and
Despise and together they
Climbed to a neutral place,
Here freely discussing beauty

Of faith and soon found
Riddles spilling from their
Hands, truth unravelling and
Showing beliefs, neither had

Encountered before, minutes
Ticked by on the grandfather
Clock and as midnight struck
They would retreat, one to

Plunder, the other to sleep,
Both laying promises they
Would meet here again, and
Two lonely philosophers soon

Turned to friends, they traced
Back the centuries with compass
And scope and found stories of
Prophets boarding a boat, with

Them, a simple treasure chest,
Inside it-hope and those who
Were left, chilled on the shore
Drowning in hate, and violence,

Until they knew no more, forced
By the ocean to a bottomless pit
They found magma and warmth
And huddled around it, creating

A home, a King and a throne,
Writing revenge in the sand and
The divide was born, both inspired
To unveil this act, climbed the

Golden ladder back, each on their
Return heard a snap as the tether
Was chopped, they faced reprimand,
By their leader and father, brothers

In blood, torn wings from her back,
And horns from his head, both of
Them outcast for words yet unsaid,
And in alliance a curse was cast on

Their bones, they would wander the
Bad lands forever alone, never hear
The others angelic tones, nor recognise
The drum of feet, they may wander on
The same pathway, but by God’s hand,
They’ll never meet.


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