The Faith Chronicle: Monstrosities

Bundles of soft blue overflowangel (2)
My arms heavy with this gift
Of life, this precious being made
By both love and strife, the hilt

Of the knife rests on corner top
Pudgy fingers seek comfort and
I pour all I can give, dreams and
Wishes over your golden limbs,

We have reached limits and the
Very existence of them calls for
This procedure, your round face
Crunches in joy as memories of

Toys and ordinary things coat reality,
Beyond windows pane a woman
Is chained to the madhouse walls
As ordered by Him, she watches it

All, reminded of sins that drove the
Stork to my doorstep, gently, kicking
Legs find balance on a white topped
Table, unable to support the weight

Your face melds with the colour,
Revealing the bumps of your spine
I find the spot and make a small incision
Cries muffled, little body goes rigid,

One flops to the bleached floor, mingled
Mess of blood and bone, tiny heartbeat slows
As I quickly sever the matching pair, stitch
The damage up and place you thoughtlessly

On the conveyor belt, swaddled in a blood
Stained robe, you go slowly, destined
For the shoot, I sterilize the room and
Burn the evidence of your tiny form,

Again, soft raps on the door, one more
Patient to see, passed carefully to arms
From beak, pink fabric catches tiny horns,
Time for another to be reborn.


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