The Creator Chronicle: The Painter

Stumbling forwards your form is20151207_170256 (4)
Dripping leaving ink stains behind
You as you go, soul hungry for
Imagination, you flow from pen

Tip and transcripts are your home
Weaving through the flourished
Letters, sliding down embellished
Ends, smearing full stops with

Sticky feet, defeat is never an
Option, in you lies a determination
For the stories to unfold, breaking
Margins with sharp tongue, and

Lines with heavy feet, footsteps
Overflowing with inspiration,
Washing the ordinary pages with
Magic, embellishing the undecorated

Plains and making volcanoes from
White snow melting lava and notes
Into comprehensible sentences,
Your only sentence to remain in

This state, building skyscrapers
From aeroplanes, and making the
Impossible a reality, absorbing
Laughter from passing lips and

Interest with flicks of colour running
Down the bindings, in your hands
Lays a creation, subtle to oblivious
Eyes, you disguise yourself, a master

Of deception painting camouflage on
body, needle and thread stitching
Together ideas all tied from ceiling
Swaying light-bulbs barely within

Reach, but you grasp them in your
Hands as easily as moth to flame,
And spin a piece of art out of ten
Feet of string, each part of strayed

Fabric stained with the black sludge
Flowing from your form, from you,

To brush, to canvas, to us.


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