The Creator Chronicle: The Great Summer Celebration

These statues made from clay20151207_170256 (4)
Wander the streets with ease,
With passing nods and greeting
Other creations from writers books
Allowed out to cook under the warmth

Of the summer sun before there is more
Work to be done, speaking with comfort
About upcoming plot-lines and others
Demises, but keep it quiet they don’t know,
The tone is slow and lumbering is bringing

All sorts to these cobbled sidewalks, each
Eager to talk to the protagonist and what
Advice they have for this dilemma, or that
Poor fella who fell in the great battle of the
West, sat around with a mournful look, the

Best are grateful for their reprieve, working
Week after week has a monotone and there
Are skeletal creatures crawling from new release
Poems unsure of where they fit in, the bins are
Full of receipts for the ice cream store, more

Words are exchanged and some wash away
Pain at the beach, dipping their feet in the
Cool waves while musicians play and musical
Notes hopscotch by the side lines, there is a
Sense of pride humming in the air and they

Take care not to ruin anyone else’s vacation
With the knowledge of their annihilation, they
Merely hint slightly of new creators around town
Receiving confused frowns as to why they are

Pointedly sending looks, some brag about their
Positions in the books, usually the antagonists
But the blissful optimists smooth out the creases
They never were created to fall to pieces and
With ice cream in hand they carry on, bopping

To the rhythmic tones of the songs mellowing
The atmosphere, another year passed and they
Party until dawn, making merry with the newest
Of the creators spawn and everyone is getting
Along, that’s one perception many get wrong


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