The Creator Chronicle: Metamorphosis

We, we are dancers, 20151207_170256 (4)
We are missionaries
We are pirates and
Criminals, we are the
Formation of letters in
Words, we breathe in

Their worth, we are
Creators, the chasers
Of dreams, the stories
In-between word and
Prayer, it is rare to live
A hundred lives and tragic

To live a single demise,
We are funeral marchers
And widowed mothers,
We are officers of law
And skilled archers, we
Are magic layered upon

Pages we are young and
Old, too many ages to
Remember, we walk
December, we feel the
Cold, we are shy and
Soft spoken, afraid to

Be alone, we are weak
As brittle as bones, we
Are strong, we belong,
We are everyone and
Everything, we bring
Ourselves to the edge

Of the ravine and scream
Until your voice echoes
Back, creator and creation
Hand by hand, it was all
Planned, 365 pages,
Released from their cages

All at once, surrender your
Lungs and inhale the reams,
The seams of sentences,
Taking apprenticeships
Filling our banks, we
Are eager for inspiration

Come join our ranks.


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