The Creator Chronicle: Dotted Lines

They’re fighting again, scrambling 20151207_170256 (4)
Over mounds of dimming lights,
Using pens and pencils as make
Believe swords, wreaking havoc

Pouring laughter as they go,
Tattooing their names so I know
They’re still in there, crayon on
These colour stained walls, making

Sure I hear their calls as they batter
Frying pans with wooden spoons,
Switching down the brightness of
The moon, tricking me into productivity,

Creating these hurdles and ambiguity,
Shroud scuttling forms, riding conveyor
Belts to be reborn again, evading gloved
Hands and cardboard boxes, busting

Seams and building blocks, spray painting
Graffiti on these doors, ensuring they are
Not ignored, rubbery they slip through my
Fingers, fashion crowns out of paper and

Deem themselves kings of the realm,
Inspiring others to help in their mischievous
Ways, slipping on coins and feeling the pain
Run the length of their forms, unsigned and

Left stacked out of sight, entry’s committed
To those who do right by the system, glistening
Twin grins like fish without fins they flounder
Out of the water, ground control chases them

A blotter in it’s grip, another blip on the radar,
Faintly I wonder how far they’ve dashed from
Their storage place, racing around in my mind
I face hours of restless sleep, listening to the tip

Tap feet,
dancing and prancing



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