The Creator Chronicle: Dance

Power and Fear mirror each other20151207_170256 (4)
Standing either side of the hourglass
Light converged in skewed reflections
High heads and heavy limbs made light

Under even glows, center stage the dance
Begins, sure footed lions pad though their
Realm, stalking in circles drawing strength
From their pride, taunt puppet strings

snap and the wilderness comes to life,
screeching tones and deafening roars,
they collide in a ballet shaping earthquakes
and sea storms, bursting energy creating

quartz stones, weighed in their stomachs,
wisps of essence intermingling, colours and
hues baring their teeth, trapped in the ebb
and flow of resistance and might, hands

clasp and claws sink deep into palms, cutting
life lines in half, scales rocking under the
force of the struggle, synchronized in the sway,
leaping and creating stories with their limbs

letters made of arms and legs, images formed
from thought alone, prancing across blackened
stage, slipping in the chips of dominance, awe
and concern raining down on their forms, soaking

their skin with dust and ashes, the remanence of
memories come back to haunt, ghostly fingers on
an ivory piano, the music morphs the encounter,
and calmness settles restless steps, Fear stumbles

into a cradle of arms, swept easily from wooden
floor and held tightly protected from the fall, the
ultimate Power allowing this dance to continue
weaving endlessly through the sands of time.


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