This Lonely Mile

For all the people who are
Loving life, screw you.
Try on a new pair of shoes
I would give you mine but
They only come in one size.

Your body is your temple
But mine is a ruin, a wasteland
Of shattered glass and broken
Dreams, please God I’ll do
Anything, I guess he doesn’t

Hear the phone ring, defeat
The common entity of the
Voicemails I leave, I’ll be
Seeing you presently, cause
The only present I could ever

Want is the past and all I have
To do is ask for socks or a new
Iphone because empty can’t be
Filled by will alone, these material
Things, these objects you bring and

Lay on my bed as if it fills up my
Heart but my head is ruler now,
Chains around my ankles so I don’t
Touch a cloud and burn my hand,
A reprimand from my brain to my

Soul, all this time alone has brought
On a new friendship and an agreement
Resounds to sink this sink ship, the
Only problem being skin and flesh and
Bone, the only problem being family and

Friends and home, the only problem being
Pain and blood and white hospitals with
Machines and stitches, modern day witches
To sow me back together again,
When all I want is to tumble to

Pieces, and smother the breath
From these lungs, I am tired,
I am done with these games,
Of pain and gain and pain the
Cycle never-ending, each day

The same as the last, so don’t
Ask when you find the shell of
My Self, just put on my shoes
And walk the story they tell.


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