Ritual Sacrifice

Abducted to a foreign place we face
Strangers with war paint, smearing
Lines across our bodies, and chanting
In different tongues, illuminated under

Firelight, magic’s bright and fireflies buzz
Contently, this animosity is normal here
Herded like startled deer we scurry forth
Surrounded by staffs and rituals, the

Habitual hunting season has begun,
And we run under the cover of the waning
Moon, soon it will be over, these crusades
Through the dark, accompanied by the

Sound of violins, beasts at our heels howling
Our sins through the whistling wind, I can’t
Bring myself to look back, bowstrings twang
And fangs grip at our ankles, heavy thuds of

Prey going down, twigs crown my head and
Thorns distort my vision, I think weakly I can
Win this and decisions to turn left instead of
Right only grant more urgency to this plight,

Fight against the trees trying to squeeze the
Life out of me, suddenly a piercing pain, blood
Draining from my veins, trickling down to bare
Feet, I stumble, but not yet am defeated, soil

Under fingernails, countless bodies, countless
Failures to escape, these people behave like apes
As the arrows fly, narrowly missing my only good
Leg, I debate going back but it’s too late to abandon

Hope, the silhouettes before me slowly grow smaller
And I realise that they will leave me to my demise if
It means that they will survive this atrocity, fear in
My eyes blinding me, events unfolding irregularly,

Cracking bones and broken knees, I collapse and am
Devoured by the past, I ask for mercy but none is shown
Instead I crumple and fold and everything changes, my
Limbs reattach and I feel the ages drop and sink to the

Ground, instead of two legs, four are found and between
My cheeks lies a snout spouting profanities at those who
Run and it dawns on me how their chase has begun.


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