Double Vision

We come from different worlds
Mine of words and meaning
Morphing letters into reasons
And yours of sound and surety
That the beat will simply be a beat
And often you ask me, why

Can’t things be explained simply
And that is a question I often ponder
Over, why is it that we as creators cover
Our explanations with layers of wrapping,
Instead of sticking to the single sheet,
The beats, you explain, simple are, and

Often we listen to the vibrations of guitars
But I do not understand the mystery land
You transport to, just as you do not keep
Up with flourished pen ink and standing on
The brink of sanity, conversations between
Us flow easily and often we discuss the universe,

Its vastness and cast this shadow over the Earth
In the shape of two very obscure individuals,
Yet we both hold vigils when the other experiences
Grief, weeks have gone by and time flies when
Pondering the uniqueness of clocks, you ask when
Am I going to go outside and the metronome tocks

In its own way, you share your talent privately among
Fellow enthusiasts, I keep my cards close to my chest
In fear of copycat thieves, your art is in its very belief
Designed to be shared, and while I reveal my writings
I take care who sees them first, always adverse to having
These children taken away, another thing you find very

Strange, how I assume my parenthood over something
Not biologically mine, but you see the importance, the vines
That flow from my creative garden, pardon me for planting
Flowers in your space, you face reality boldly with drumsticks
And chewing gum, I hide away, narrowly escaping mental guns
Firing inside my head, you seldom dream when you go to bed,

And we, like philosophers, discuss philosophically, the very
Nature of existence and I plead for you to read a line or two
To break down barriers between our worlds, just as you
Request I google the best alternative bands and force my
Hand towards the computer screen, a test we both fail
Miserably, and at the end of the day that’s the way it is

And neither of us had anything to win from diving into
The opposites world, though I listen quite often and
Imagine the curls of penmanship as the letters fly in the air
Just as you trace quotes with the utmost care, and we
Pretend not to see the other appreciate these great moments                                                          and let the other simply own it


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