Broken Tethers

Quiet rains, the only interaction between
Us, as the droplets splash the floorboards,
They drown our words, swallow them and
Tape your lips shut, save your voice for a

Better time, a story plays behind the lens,
Silhouettes dancing through thunderstorms,
Electricity sparking in our veins, dampened
By the ever growing silence, stretching patience

Thin like calf vellum, write your woes in ink, hands
Shaking, the flood by our ankles is bleeding black,
Filling this disheveled room with harsh truths,
Reliving even harsher realities, nothing could be

More wrong than this, I restrain myself from grabbing
Your wrist and preventing the hurtful scripts from
Unfolding, iris’s bold, speckled brown and furrowed
Brow, you paint red chewing your lip, your conscience

Slips and fingers interlock with mine, whispering
Apology’s through tightened grip, my mask slips
You didn’t want this and move to withdraw, a second
Of panic, ashamed we saw this moment of weakness

In each other, I smother it down and wait for my turn
To spell out my thoughts, but your hold never leaves mine,
Grounding each of us to this moment in time, we survived
These trials, the longer we linger the fuller this ocean grows

Bowed heads in mutual prays as the words saw the tether
Between us, holds tighten as the waves of pain take us under
You transfer the page and look in my mind, searing memories
Rush to the surface, neither deserve this but still I persist, under

Your watchful eyes, I avert mine in fear I’ll drop the pen and
That will be the end of everything, for now, we save the
Memories for an older day, suddenly, you break away
And the dam bursts, I don’t know what hurts more, the
Excitement for freedom or the stranger staring back at me.


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