Principle of 9-5

Crowds scurry down busy streets
Stumbling over their own feet chasing
Dreams when reality waits for them at
The office on the corner of 23rd avenue

The time flew and suddenly its day break
They lie awake in the murky thoughts of
Another minute fought against the monotony
Of the computer screen, highlighted with

Images of family, and they fall collectively
Under umbrella terms, challenging sanity,
Staff, what even is that? And no one pipes
Up with a quick fire reply, too tired to even

Try, it takes effort to convince the mind this
Is what life is supposed to be and they are
Trapped with useless degrees and a couple
Of babies they hadn’t wanted so early but

They were handed the manual of living and
Found the alternative too livid to reconcile,
They never smile, and wander under lamp
Light when their spouses sleep asking

Questioning, how did this happen to me?
So here I am, sitting in front of an investigator
Mouth clamped shut, sticky palms, what rocks
The others plans doesn’t affect me, and

Now they seek signatures to run tests on this
Oddity, where did you get your serenity? Hook
Up the machines but all they do is beep in a tone
You cannot and will never understand, take my

Hand and feel my pulse dancing under fingertips,
The quick replies may indicate wit, I will never fit
Into your box of normal, with your bow ties and suits
Much too formal for my liking, I found my way and

Didn’t fight it, the concern in their eyes washes over
Me like tidal waves, heavy and burdened but I am not
Brave for stepping away from conformity, and society,
For burning the manual and celebrating my individuality,

That is something they will never see, but what are you?
They ask, their grips growing tighter, they don’t understand
Why my hope’s so much lighter than theirs, me? Well that’s
Simple, I say, I’m just a writer, who writes, quite comfortably


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