I lost track of the time when
You ran into my line of vision
Like a stop clock demon just
Out of prison and a little

Later we would laugh I was
Smitten with your disguise,
But I was smitten with your
Ability to see through mine

I lost track of logic too, swept
Up in the essence of you, I could
Sit for days and listen to the news
That spewed from numerous coffees

On the way to the shop, never once
Did I ask you to stop, your imagination
Confounded me, to the point you’d
Have to remind me to breathe, that

I was still in my reality, but I think I
Crossed threshold to yours a long
Time ago, slowly I began to notice
Little things, how your gaze would

Linger over wedding rings and how
Our laughter became synchronized,
How invitations were dotted with
I’s and love and you, you were never

Afraid to speak the truth and while
Others tried to invade our land you
Fought them off with grand gestures
Of magic and sword play, made me

A queen when I felt so ordinary,
We were pirates abandoning sinking
Ships, having fits of happiness like
Doses of drugs, doped up on rightfulness

And love, and I became an addict just
As you did too, and separation felt like
The glue had broken apart, like you had
Stolen half of my heart and hid it in a

Treasure chest, you became the best
Part of me, and the worst, because
You were the first person to sweep
Me off my feet, spin me in circles and

Defeat the sadness growing inside,
What I didn’t see was how you slowly
Died, giving me adventures of a lifetime,
While you hid me from the burdens of

The world, showered me with pearls of
Wisdom and endless inspiring quotes
And when the sink finally sunk, I took
The boat to the shore and waited for

You to return, not realising you were
Weighed down in the burning wreckage
Smoke curling into a message urging me
To keep the box of make believe because
Without It, I could never be the me, you’d seen


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