They were of the same litter-the pups.
Identical lumps by their mother’s side,
One smaller in size but their markings
Were the same and they recognised
the subtle differences disguised in one

another, but brothers all the same, playing
tag and chasing each other around the
hourglass day after adventurous day,
and together they matched, in heavy

footedness and fast legs and being strong
enough to break the pace for the new and
exciting place outside of the den. The morning
their mother left she called them men, the word

was lost among the rough and tumble of reality
and instead of chasing each other they chased
their dreams. They remained together, the only
support either really knew, watched stars under

skies so blue they convinced themselves the clouds
wept constantly, that’s why we don’t cry, the brother
said, we have each other, family, the pup agreed and
on they went interweaving these knowledgeable remarks

as they journeyed on, singing songs about brethren like
any brother would, they became warriors, most revered
on the land, struck fear and admiration and made plans
never to be apart, but then it began to start, and one

brother grew hairs of black until he melded with shadows,
there was no going back and pessimism settled on his
shoulders, they grey older, and stood on different ground
but walked the same ways as they promised they would,

where one saw friends the other saw prey and tolerable
levels dwindled away, you are angry and violent, the white
brother said, I cannot journey on with this weight on my head,
his brother bore such a look of surprise when one turned to

the other, hatred came to life, you are cheerful and soft, the
black brother said, you won’t make it alone, you’ll soon be dead,
and they stood in the forest not far from their home, in a standstill
that shook each one to the bone, you moan and groan the white

brother said, you kill nothing and I am rarely fed, the black brother
replied, and in his eyes the white wolf saw no family ties, just
indifference and distant that marked his demise, are you leaving me
the black wolf demanded, as his brother sure footed began to abandon
his pack, come back, he would not and never did, when the black wolf
sought penance, the white wolf still sinned


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