Smile the World is Watching

Half-lives mean nothing to me
I’d rather submerge myself in chemicals
Rather than continue on painfully for
The sake of family, you are not me
Heaving obstacles out of the way
Only to be crushed by dismay as
The cliff top trembles and falls
Making paint from my organs and
Appalled, civilization recedes, there
Will be no need to believe in brighter
Futures in places there is no electricity
These cavemen won’t remember me and
Every greeting happens so briefly my shadow
Leaves no stain on their home turf, if it is a
Question of worth find something else that
Carries equal weight, I’ve had enough on my
Plate without the responsibility of motherhood
Consoling myself when no one else would, you
Do not face yourself in the mirror and see the
Same image I recognize, a miscreation of love,
Crossed wires spark your existence, it’s easy to
Move that mouth when the distance hasn’t left
Blisters on your lips, I gladly slip through the cracks
For centuries yet you pretend it’s all make believe,
Lies sprout from my wounds, weeping sad truths
Never recognized by you, and anger grows in these
Infertile lands, as for me I have no plans for myself,
Save for the hundreds of epitaphs that lie on my shelf
Echoed from my bones to outer space, because I find
Solace not knowing your race, species which have no
Room for adversity, I’ve dug my earthen tomb long
Before the I love you’s shattered on your tongue leaving
Trails of blood in the nursery, so I flitter from place to
Place in desperate need of slowing the paces of life,
Reflecting on events passed and never once have I
Smiled at my biography, let alone yours, the whole
Other side of me, you drove knife into paper creating
The version of me that was acceptable to you, and
Your people, forcing me into boxes of conformity
Where sad is happy and depressed is cured by thinking
Positively, and I crawl into mud and cover myself
In the brown clay hoping it will rot faster than you
Can find me and drag me back into the world
Where you have rewards for mother of the
Year, these falsities don’t make the headlines
And god forbid your offspring lies down in
Their resting place, before the real
Torture and games continue and you
Feel vindicated masking the real truth
Showing strength over weakness this
Continued abuse


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