A Conversation: Darren Scanlon

Sunlight was only created to fade
With the waxing moon o’er a winters glade
Counting the concrete steps, we made
To the water’s edge where the Heron’s wade
In a constraint of time, worn and frayed
And the pendulum swings though heavily laid
As we harsh the trials of this crusade
Baying for blood with the glint of the blade
Sharpened and deadly like mistakes that we made
A heavy reckoning and price to be paid
Cut the memories down and offer as trade
On the scales of justice, so heavily weighed
Down with regret and bundles of nightshade
Dining on death with a glass of dismay
Counting this moment of life on replay
As we watch them serve up a haunting entree
With skeletal hands and hearts made of clay
Til the dawn brings relief in the warm of the day
And the chorus of light hums on the way
Shedding our dread as the feast fades to grey
the hues of this earth spring up to play
and the Herons return to their bountiful bay
unaware of judgement that watches and stays
till the dark and the deep come to fight the new day
and the warriors defend the beautiful prey
united in duty and the part they must play
and we, once brethren, step forwards to slay
all those who would take our daylight away
let the Herons fly East as we battle and pray
for the sun and the moon and the cold light of day
and on their return these lands we reclaim
for the life of the children, the eternal flame,
to pass down for centuries name by name
a legacy of life that will always remain.



A Conversation by leannepoetry and Darren Scanlon


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