Still I wait

We’ve walked through these woods together
And weathered the harsher storms, the raging
Wind and sudden turns of this never-ending
Journey, never once did we think this would be
It and your path would continue where mine didn’t

And I stop, at the precipice, it’s not like I asked for this
I braved the battles with the wild alongside you, for
Years we have grown in height and in heart, and now
Life is tearing us apart, there is no choice, you must

Move on and I hear your voice, its sing song pattern
Disappearing as you round the bend, not noticing
This is the end of my path, I have nowhere to go, and
I keep low so the predators don’t see me. Hours pass

Until I hear the call, the lowly beckoning of my name,
Lost and afraid, I rattle the cage but they will not let me
Out, your hollers are heard and there is doubt in your
Tone, like I have intentionally left you alone but that is

Not the truth, the truth is that you left me, unintentionally,
No one pays attention to the others footsteps until there
Are none left by your side, my pride is gone, I won’t survive
I cannot belong, to these lands, the menacing trees and

poisonous plants, just out of reach so I cannot eat them and
end this non-existence, and hence, I wait, through sunrise and
rainy days, atheist but still I pray but nothing moves the cliff
from my feet and nothing stops this dull heartbeat echoing in

the blackness before me, tauntingly, egging me to jump, but
still I wait, for something great to come around the corner,
the poor moon hesitant in its company, and still I wait, until
I’m sure I can see something beautiful, and still I wait, and the

Mirage passes through rocks and scree and still I wait for you
To loop back around in search of me, and still I wait, counting
Days and heartbeats and still I wait, ready to congratulate you
On this massive feat and still I wait, in the resounding silence of
This place, and remain quiet and alone, and





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