Hold On

Hold my hand but don’t ever let go
I’m terrified of being alone in this
Prevailing darkness, fingers interlocked
Like lock and key being separate is an
Impossibility but I am afraid, you do not

Need me, and will find a hand equal in
Measure to mine, but I will not survive,
These demons will swoop in and carry me
Off to towers too tall to be saved from and
I don’t want a Prince Charming to rescue me

I want this, with you, serenity I have never had
Before, and I have unhinged the door to my heart
To reveal the damage and self-inflicted parts of
Pain, but you bordered up my mistakes and repainted
The room, made glass from dreams of losing you

Sharp and deadly like my minds worst gears, rust
Covered for years now, but your lifeline pulled me
Back in from the edge and you deserve the best but
We both know I am not capable of giving that, the fear
Clamps down and I cannot move or breathe until

Once again you free me, take my hand and gravitate
Everything, the moon and sun to this solar system,
The planet when taken will most definitely be missed
And there is knowledge and facts you utter in silence
But irrationality keeps me blind to them

Your grip so reassuring cuts off my blood and it’s a
Paradox because without you it would not pump through
These damaged veins, you promise you will never go away
And this choke-hold is evidence, one and the same, I return
The gesture and promise not to blame you if you go

And we walk too slowly for the oncoming train, the wheels
Groan and frame breaks, having you here shapes my faith
As we stand on the tracks, outlined by metal bars, I can’t
Believe we’ve got this far and finally you affirm your hold
and that’s when I know you’d never let go


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