The day is tedious and the night haunts me
With what my life could be, a mirror image
Fantasy of living, and every morning I wake
Up livid that this is not the case, and it becomes
A race to when its dark enough outside to sleep
And the hours between the shrill beep of an alarm
Clock, I don’t stop and think about how quickly
Reality passes by, because this reality is not mine
And I prefer the faces in my dreams far better than
The ones around me, they spill adventure from their

Veins and everything is just a game with no consequence
Why can’t I wake up to this, for one simple day, I would
Gladly trade anything in my possession, communion dress
And friendly letters from across the sea, and it isn’t a case
Of what you might believe, it’s what I know, hear and see in
My mind, a town so similar to mine but completely different
Because here I am free, I am laughing, I am giddy with joy
And then sensation comes rushing back, fingers twitch and
Aching back and eyelids snap and eyes adjust, disappointment
Is a must every time, I get tired of waiting in line for my happy
Dreams to make me smile


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