Lost and Found

I lost it, a long time ago so how am I supposed
To know what it looks like, mine was always dull
Anyways, I’m sure that it’s not the same as yours
You describe it so lovingly, like a treasure deep at sea

But I never signed up to be a diver, it must be nice to
Miss it so, my gears and peddles suited me fine until
You reminded me of mine, a grand adventure, we’ll
Find it together but I don’t have the same kind of

Motivation as you, you seem so blue in its absence but
I really couldn’t care less, I’ve been living in shades of grey
And you’ll be ok once the sickness has passed, just don’t
Ask any stupid questions like, why me? Being dramatic

Only stunts company and no one wants to hang around
With a drama queen, and I don’t expect you to hold your
Breath and scower the rest of the earth looking for mine
And I can’t comprehend why you can’t ask a better ‘friend’

To help you out, only maybe you don’t have any, too devote
To this thing, shiny little object you claim gives you wings, it
Must be cause mine are clipped, you tell me, and you amble
On towards whatever form of serenity you can find and I’m

No use anyways, I’m pretty blind from these years of muted
Colours, wait until you see the others, and your interjection
Is more of a nuisance than the rain, I can’t expect to stay sane
If I remain around you for much longer, your longing for it is

So much stronger than mine, I can’t promise you that we’ll find
It, but you switch off your hearing, a reflex I guess of fear for
What’s going to come, the breakdown when you can’t locate
Your happiness, but you get used to it, I promise, but again,

Ears closed, it would be easier just to let it go, I remind you
Yet again radio silence, and I can’t find this amusing cause
My laughter was torn from my lips when they implanted those
Metal bits, how can you live like this? Sighing I show you around

To the scrapyard, are you proud of this life? I shrug my shoulders,
The thought had never crossed my mind, I can help, I suggest,
And the pain must be too much cause you nod your head, so I
Help pick out the metal from the display and get to work on

Your new face, take out your eyes and replace them with wires
And LED lights, better? I fit a new arm. Almost. A new leg. Not
Quite. A new heart. Maybe? A new brain. It’s gone. The pain?
I don’t miss it at all. Well, there we go, now help me with the

Next haul, and we carry the pieces of metal away to convince
The next wanderer of their fate.


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