This was the place for the scraped knees
Silly jokes and cool breezes sweeping
In from foreign lands, this was the place
For the plans, the adventures, the tans
When the sun shone too bright, this was
The place where everything seemed alright,
And no matter how distant, the future was in
Sight, this was the place for Labrador cuddles
And penguin huddles and muddled up thoughts
This was the place for music making, laughter
Shaking shoulders, ten-year-old soldiers with

Weapons made from bamboo, this was the
Place where dreams come true, and siblings
Come to sit with you and conversation was never
Blue, this was the place where the taste of salt was
In the air, where you never had to care, when nothing
Seemed fair, this was the place where tea would be
Drank and stories would be spat, where you’d pet
The cat and never forget that everything would
Follow suit, in little waves of fate and truth be told
You never questioned it, this is the place where you
Would sit and never dwell on it, this was the place
Where the future built its rep. now all you see is

A simple doorstep.


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