Knock Knock

It’s starlight o clock but that doesn’t
Stop the frantic hammering on the
Door or this secret that shakes me to
My core, the numb has disappeared
Leaving me faced with fears of what
Might happen in this newly light dawn

I’m trembling now like a week old fawn
The thought in my head is bouncing around
Sharp and blunt, logic is found murdered on
The ground, bare squeak and feet and suddenly
A soothing tone, please don’t leave me alone,
The words don’t leave my lips but in your eyes

I know you see it, creased brow, dipped frown
It’s obvious I’m about to drown, and enveloped
In strong arms, your voice is rushing out like tar
Muffled and passing cars beckon, a moment of
Reckoning and you pull me in, lock the latch,
Take a second, catch my breath and shove it back

Inside and bribe me with a cup of tea, this place
Is quiet, serenity hums here, yet I cannot speak,
You fill the silence with news of your week and
I clutch your hand tightly in mine, my new life line
And I’m terrified what will unfold if I let go, so
I take it slowly, breathe in, breathe out, afraid

The voices shouting will entice me, don’t let
Go, my grip screams and you try to look me in
The eyes and plead, what’s going on? No
Surprise I cannot say, your concern notes that
I can stay, and suddenly I want to break free,
Take the step towards the street and never

Look back, you wrap me tight in your embrace
Safety gates I can’t escape from; a fight is futile
I’ve come to realise, and you hold me there until
The sunrise and I survive for one more day but
Nothing has really changed and I know if I get
Away, you’ll never see me again and I’m trapped

In this apartment, subject to breakfast and torment
Created by my own mind and eventually I say it’s
Time I went, thanks for being an amazing friend
And we wash dishes and I play pretend like I’m
Not looking forward to the end of this conversation
When I can head to the station and take the first train


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