With Deepest Sympathy

It’s violence at its finest,
Broadcast for all to see and
That’s the point, to show the
Slow degradation of humanity
And tweets and speeches do nothing
In terms of sympathy when you’re
Clutching the corpses of a hundred plus
Families in despair and it’s clear these people
Simply don’t care about the consequences of
Guns. Run, for your life when you hear the first
Explosions and are drawn into stranger’s buildings
Watching events unfold over stranger’s TV’s, just
Thinking, how much longer until we are freed from this
Mess, God’s testing faith and it begins to shake as the
Casualties rise, like the sun should but it too is terrified
So many lives lost, and the cold frost of the morning brings
No relief, and simply breathing won’t help or change the
Feeling of mass terror shooting through their veins, how
Can we possibly contemplate the people pleading for their
Fates, serving their souls up on silver platters simply to escape
From this monstrosity, this city will never be the same and blame
Cannot undo what has been done, once it is over the world will
Become one again, wondering who will be next? Whose daughters and sons?


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