Arms heavy with this blue swaddled cloth
Fear mingled with your fresh born scent
As they laid you in my waiting arms and
Resistance reared its ugly head and wailed
For a mother that was not me, waves of

Nausea and deceit as my stomach slipped
To the white tiled floor, too much weight
In the frame as you turned your tiny hands
Grasping wisps of innocence, weaving your

Story, the first chapter, I was never supposed
To make the epilogue, and then, a small
Squeak, barely suppressed, you turn your head
My lungs explode, confetti all over this hospital,

Light fades until there is nothing left save for
The plump roundness of your moon face, wrinkled
Eyes and unsteady smile crescented by a button nose
I hold you close, my boy, my son, and vow to never

Let you go, the warmth of your small body flows
Into mine and they combine, a tether so light it
Floats and winds so intricately it shall never
Tear apart, it is mirrored in your ocean eyes

Love wraps us in its golden cocoon and we are
Safe against the world, your name bounces from
The tip of my tongue and swirls through the air
Perching itself on your lips forevermore, yet it is never

Said out loud before your weight is shifted once more
And my arms are stuck in the shape of a boat, the
Nurse carries you away down the shadowed lane of
The corridor, down that open door, and when I open
My eyes I find, I only dared dream of my child


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