It’s a quaint little place, a small apartment
Based just a small walk from the middle of the city
At night the streets are always lit, it’s pretty,
There’s this one large window that oversees it all

And I sit there and read sometimes, never afraid to
Fall asleep, the thing I value most is safety and
The warm covers of my barely passable double bed
I never get fed up of lazy Sunday mornings and

Watching re-runs on the tiny TV I stuck in the
Corner for when company are over, the couch
I found in a charity shop, half price off simply because
Someone had owned it for years before, all the more

Reason to buy it, I liked the idea of the history that
Came attached to it, a novelty I fit by the window,
I had to-all that potential and aesthetic value, and
Cushions, millions of cushions, round and plump and

Perfectly huggable, simply delightful, and I catch him
Hugging them too, even though it’s not the manly
Thing to do, canvases line the walls, each one a little
Crooked but I don’t mind, it adds character, perfectly

Fine by me, everything about it has parts of me and it’s
Perfect, no mansion or anything but it’s mine and the
Grinning tabby cat, I share it with too, I couldn’t resist
Those eyes and no surprise I brought him back

He chooses to chase the flies and destroys the
Few jumpers and cardigans I leave lying around, my
Mistake, there’s always music pounding overhead but I
Love that, the activity of life surrounding me

In the evenings I grab the throw from the couch and
Taco myself, stuff my mouth full of take away cause
Who goes to the effort of cooking these days, the shiny
Oven is just for show, and casseroles, occasionally

Cleaning as I go, bringing the bins down in the gentle rain
It’s not a pain to do, even after walking through the town
For the day, it’s domestic, and cosy, and makes me feel like
An adult even though most days I’m daydreaming, a fault

Maybe? Not that I care, imagination never killed anyone,
I got a rug for under the kitchen table for two, just to
Add a certain flow, it matches the deeper undertones of
The carpet so it was good to go from the second I saw it

I’ve never felt so happy in these rooms, each one splashed
With a little bit of blue, my favourite of all the colours,
Candles are stationed all around and conflicting smells
Mingle but I like it, it’s hard to resist falling in love with it

(Maybe one day it will exist)


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