Crossed Wires

They say let sleeping dogs lie
But the ones inside my head don’t rest
save for the circles they run in my head
my sanity’s the only thing left, even that’s
running out, like quicksand in the hourglass
I don’t know how much longer I can last
Sinking through the grains, my mask of

Calm, cool and collected slips to the side
Shadows jumping, terrified of the snapping
Jaws inches from my ankles, not yet drawing blood
But fear still saw the opportunity to chase my
Frantic feet, edging on for my defeat and I can’t
Afford to miss any beats and the pressure is building
Unbearably loud, I need a second to breathe, get out

Of my mind, the only place where I can hide’s been
Turned into a playground of hide and seek yet I’ve got
No choice, speak to the operator and ask for a new level
Is like asking for angel wings from a devil, the bartering
System drone and complains, I can’t go fast enough, I’m
Cutting all the lanes down to the cheat sheet mapped roads
I’m too old to be playing with these numbers and codes

The timers are going but nothing explodes, except my patience
I’ve made it to the wastelands, climbed a few hundred mountains
It wasn’t my plan, never my plan, I’m the mouse in the equation
The one who outran the lions for as long as it could, now I’m trekking
The unknown wondering if I should turn back and see if the others
Have survived, their icons have disappeared from overhead,
I’m the only one left, they must all be dead, long have died

Everything stills, not stills, stalls and the waves of confusion are
Battering me once more, the flashlights run out of any kind of life
Like everything else, dropped into the fight against shapes and colours
The sound of guns, grenades, I’m not yet done, holster the metal and
Slam down the breaks, like domino’s it beings to break, the enemy lines
Lay on their sides, I’ve littered the streets with violence and surprise
And I hear in the speakers, the cheers and the pride.


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