When they say it hits you like a wave,
They do not exaggerate; it is every bit as filled
With pain as the empty voicemail’s and the answering
Machines, you’re begging please pick up the phone and
Swearing when you hear that same ringtone, it’s the
Hardest part about becoming irrelevant to someone
You once counted as a friend, silence, over radios, over
Cell towers and domino’s are falling slow, lungs, heart,
Feelings, all carelessly tossed below the grater for their
Demise, yet society still expects you to smile, like you’re

The only poster child reeling from the loss of something
Important and how are you supposed to tell that tomorrow
Won’t hurt as badly as today, because here’s the secret,
Nothing will ever be the same, the clouds line a little darker,
Your hands are covered in black marker, you’ve crossed out
Their paths in your life as if a sharpy will magically erase, all
The good times mixed with memories, and cringe worthy
Re-runs will play in your head, answer-less it’s hard to put it
To rest, god only knows what kind of version they’ll spread,
Or if they’ll even talk about it, maybe you were the Guinea pig,

The one they rigged the bombs to so they’d escape unscathed,
You’ve lost count of the amount of times you’ve made a joke,
Been ‘brave’, the time limit of running from this ocean is just about
Up, jump ship and see how well you can navigate these seas when
You’re blind as a bat and don’t believe in the truth anymore,
You’re losing your humanity, but at least your honesty will
Never go, maybe you can make it to that little boat, the one that
They don’t tell you about, with limited options you’re running out
Of breath, it’s the only thing left so you’ll take and you’ll live,
Barely, but at least you’ll never question it again, these
Consequences of losing friends


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