Mother Mine

The chill in the air sends shiver down the spine
I’ve learned to only walk where the sun shines
In autumn, nature is taking a reprieve from
The busy activities in spring that comes

From cycles of mourning and darkness
To growth and light harboring likeness
To human kind, only our cycles take up
Years on this earth, we’ve had enough time

The mother of plants and trees and it all
Has buried the seeds, the last ones to fall
The runts of their litters and last of their kinds
Come winter and snow they’re impossible to find

She cares for them each, in their own little ways
And makes sure that they’re safe and no one pays
For her mistakes or overlooking of the plains
The suffering of her children is a great source of pain

But now she ensconces herself in a bed
made of bracken and twigs and lays down her head
yet before sleep takes her she sings a quick song,
one of slumber and warmth, so they know they belong

Here, with her, and the trembling of footsteps on earth
Do not scare them anymore, and their worth is reaffirmed
Come spring they will all be reborn and watch the changes
They see in us, the ones who brave winter, the cold and the rust.


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