Mile Stones

Pick and pebble from the ground
And see how far it can be carried
Some are heavier than others
They’re worth more in the tally

Children rush outside at playtime
And search among the stones
Trying to find the perfect colour
Shades of grey and black and browns

Once it’s found put it in your pocket
Keep it there safe and sound
Mark your findings in your memories
Your first milestone-you’re so proud

But what is there for the ones
The people at the back, the ones
Too patient to rush the crowds
Who always turn up with empty hands?

And on and on the cycle goes yet
No one every thinks to break it
So on and on the milestones fade
For those too polite to take them

Until one day the children run
And find nothing left in the place
Their parents told them rush to
It’s written off-a simple mistake

Until instead they find a flower
Growing tall and fast and strong
The pebbles are no longer forming
All their milestones have been robbed

There is uproar in the corridors
The adults scream and yell
The people from the back walk forwards
And decide this flower must be fed

Someone reaches down the pluck it
The flower, where it stands
But is batted quickly away
by a thousand helping hands

For something to have a life
You have to let it grow and be
To live means to watch and listen
It’s the very nature of being free

That’s what they had learned
The people left behind as they watched
The milestones of the others
Slowly wilt, crumble and die


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