Don’t Breathe

They bring it in bloody and beaten with purple
Painting the space around its eyes it hardly recognizes
You but when it does the entirety of time and space stop
And the accusatory glare is mixed with frantic despair and
You extend a hand in a sign of peace and desperately make a
Plea on its behalf, the dangers too real and you want it to pass
But the cold metal rim at the back of your head protects you
From safety and all that you did before this moment shuffles away
you bow your head to pray before you remember all the missed calls
and empty voice mails, no one will comfort you and you nearly
fall from the plastic stool underneath your trembling frame, your
legs are so weak you don’t think you could run even if you tried
and what would happen if you left it behind, it looks at you now
dead in the eyes, square in the face, terrified, like it knows what
you’re thinking of, your escape, but the circumstances are make
and break, there’s no two ways about it, you both won’t survive
so you try to translate this message and disguise it in minute
shakes of your head, don’t resist, don’t panic, it can’t be read
in the slighter movements-the emotions that cloud its face
does it blame you, is it possible, is this all your mistake?
It tries to move, a fatal miscalculation, they swing, one
Punch and station you to your cross, the spit sprays across
The cold paved floor, the last rites that leave your mouth
In these final moments, they’ve dressed it in black in
Its funeral suit and motion to me, you or it, choose
And it’s pupils dilate, your breathing increases and I
Can see it falling to pieces, littering the already blood soaked
Floor, not my blood, never mine, yours and in that moment
I incline my head the pressure has left and they unwind the ropes
It tries to leave, get up and go, but they clamp it down like an
Overaged car, press the gun to my hand and I clock my arm…


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