Bury the hatchet

The grave robber knocked on my coffin
The shovel still in his hand
I don’t know how he heard me breathe
Unless this was a plan

He asked if I was fit to walk under
Moonlight once again
The stars burnt umber in my gaze,
“Help me find my friends.”

He looked at me with a sadness
That pierced right to the core
They’ve gone and left, was all he said
They’re not your friends no more

I shook my head in defiance
All he told were lies
I set about to find their tombstones
Yet he refused to leave my side

My legs snapped and crackled
My bones creaked and groaned
My heart beat painfully once more
At least, I thought, I’m not alone

He had a lantern round his waist
Propped up by a leather belt
The light shone on everything
The more I saw, the less I felt

The grass I walked on stretched
For mile and miles to come
There was not a grave in place
They must have done it, must have run

Long ago we made a promise
An agreement sealed in blood
We’d leave this horrid land together
Yet here I was, caked in mud

The last days I remembered
Crippled me on que
So I took to sleep among the satin
“Don’t worry, we’ll wake you.”

There’s naught here for years, he said
Simply you and me
I saw them break the earth apart
And escape wild and free

There was no point to lament
At least that’s what he said
He gave two choices clear as day
To work with him or return to bed

And so I took the lantern
And borrowed his old cloak
I walked the moors in the dark
Surrounded by ash and smoke

When the silence breaks at night
You can hear them sing
The songs of freedom from the skies
They know I am listening

The grave robber saw the tears
And set to work without delay
He dug three graves side by side
I promise you, they will pay

When the song arose once more
He caught it in his trap
And down they fell one by one
Into the graves he had mapped

Do the honours he exclaimed
“Help us please” they prayed
I took the shovel in my hand
Three mounds of mud I made

And there we stood, two silhouettes
Marked against the moon
That’s what they get, he acknowledged
For treating us the fool

The centuries passed so slowly
The lantern never dimmed its light
I saw another grave one day
After we had a violent fight

Is that for you or me I asked
Neither, I heard him say
It’s about time I took it all
And there it lies: humanity


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