My life

I form bridges with little words
And watch as others walk the space
The planks fall if I touch them
My creations break my faith

Too sick minded to crawl the distance
And reclaim fledglings as I should
I could never take them under my wings
Featherless and damaged, misunderstood

Dreams and aspirations are too heavy
My limbs too weak and brittle
I’ve swallowed down the harsher truths
It’s been like this since I was little

Watch as others play your part
Tend the growing bunches
And curse your skeletal remains
The heavens are throwing punches

Positivity used to drip
And break in tiny droplets
But now the waters turned to poison
I guess I’ve finally lost it

The paint is running from the sky
A blood red soaking tone
I am trapped under the waves
I’ve never felt so alone

And as I draw my dying breath
I surface once more
And see the world that I have built
These are the horrors I’ve endured


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